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You need one Advance Unit for each person you wish to be in communication with. 

Our standard set of 2, Advance Unit package, is shown above (SKU: A02R).

You can connect up to 4 total users into a conversation. (6 people can connect with limited range.)

All our Advance Units are compatible with one another. 

You can add on additional users at any time by purchasing additional Advance Units (SKU: A01R). Our single unit package is shown below.

What's Next?

Next step is to select the head accessory you wish to plug into your Advance Unit.  Your head accessory has the microphone and speaker to establish communication.

Our head accessories are specially designed with a secure waterproof connection.  It is up to the customer to always make sure your head accessory is securely tightened at all times during use. We have a selection of headset’s that are completely waterproof with IPX7 rating.  We also have a selection of weather resistant products with IPX5 rating. Our headset microphones have superior wind and noise cancelling technology designed to be used in extreme conditions.

Lastly, if you wish to use a headset from another source, all you need is a multi-connector to keep your Advance Unit sealed from any water intrusion.  (The headset from another source will not be waterproof.)

Below are the head accessories we offer.

What Makes It Waterproof?

Waterproof Case


Microphone and Speaker

Accessory Connection

Where Does My Advance Unit Go?

Customers have multiple different options on where you can mount your Advance Unit.  The higher the Advance Unit is mounted, the longer your range is for communication. 

You can easily move your Advance Unit from one location to another.  This gives the customer the flexibility to use their Advance Unit for multiple different applications. You can mount your Advance Unit on a helmet, hat, arm band or clip. When on the beach coaching, you can mount your Advance Unit to a Telesin Pole for extended height and range. 

How It Works

The Advance Unit has it’s own built in long range Bluetooth, FCC approved.  Bluetooth connects by line of sight.


Battery life – in use: 10 hours

Charge time: 2.4 hours

Charging: Use an AC Adapter less than 5V otherwise this will damage the IC unit and void any warranty.


LED while charging:

Red = Advance Unit is charging

Blue = Advance Unit fully charged


LED while on:

Blue = Battery life 100%-60%

Purple = Battery life 60%-40%

Red = Battery low

Ready to Use

Take your Advance Units out of the box and securely screw in your head accessory.

When purchasing an A02R, the devices already comes paired.  To turn on your Advance Units, press and hold the center button on each unit until the blue light comes on.  (3 seconds)

To connect, press the Blue No. 1 or the Red No. 2 button once (0.5 seconds). You only need to press one of the buttons.  After pushing either button, wait for both units to announce, “connected.”  You can now start to talk.

If you wish to dis-connect, it is the same as connecting.  Press either the Blue No. 1 or Red No. 2 button once (0.5 seconds).

If you go out of range, your Advance Units will disconnect.  To re-connect, get within 300 meters and press either the Blue No. 1 or Red No. 2, once the units announce, “connected” you are ready to talk again.


To turn off your Advance Unit, hold the center button until you see a red light.  (3 seconds) It is the same button to turn the Advance Unit on or off.

For additional instructions on pairing to other Advance Units, please visit our instructions page.


While your Advance Unit is OFF, press and hold the center button until you see the light flashing blue and red.

Go to your smart phone and select BBT-ADV. (Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on)

You can now take calls or listen to your music through your Advance Unit.  To accept calls, press the center button once.  If you are connected to another Advance Unit, the phone conversation will be open to all parties connected.  From your Advance Unit, you can call out to the last number you dialed by pressing the center button twice.

After you have paired your phone with the Advance Unit, that same Advance Unit will automatically pair to your phone when you turn it back on.

For additional features such as live communication with your smart phone and Advance Unit, please refer to our instructions page.


We have a free video App, BbCAM, available for Iphone.  (If you are using an Android, you can use the Cinema FV-5 Lite App)

1. Here is a link to download the BbCAM App directly.
2. After the BbCAM App is installed on your phone, Bluetooth your Advance Unit to your iPhone;
3. Connect Advance Unit to student;
4. Start recording video with iPhone;
5. Video is automatically saved into your iPhone’s camera roll;
6. When playing back video, turn Bluetooth off to hear audio.

Garmin Action Camera (Ultra 30 or VIRB 360)

To pair your Advance Unit with a Garmin Action Camera:

1. Enable Garmin’s Bluetooth search mode;
2. When the Advance Unit is off, press and hold the center button (5 seconds) until blue and red light flashes;
3. Select the “BBT ADV” on Garmin screen;
4. Connect Advance Unit to student;
5. You can now start recording video with live audio feed into your Garmin.