About Us

BbTALKIN products have been in the US market since 2015. PowerFly Products established the US distribution for the brand in March of 2016. PowerFly has over 30 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing in the marine industry. Their extensive experience from it’s owner, Mark Baxter, includes R&D for pristine companies such as Polaris, Outboard Marine Corporation and Factory Pipe. Experience also includes multiple World Champion titles’ in the Freestyle Jet Ski industry as crew chief with product development and tuning for stand-up personal watercraft.

PowerFly Products is a veteran owned company. Mark served as a United State Marine, 2nd Force Recon, Marine Special Operations – Amphibious. PowerFly is also a woman owned company with it’s co-owner, Sabrina Baxter. Sabrina’s experience is in the legal field where she was a long time paralegal for the Federal government working on mega cases with organization and analysis of forensic data up to trial presentations. This experience allows us to provide quality service and care to our customers.

Our products are made in Taiwan. Inventors, Homare Imai and Richard Wang, had the idea to create a waterproof coaching tool after experiencing kiteboarding lessons with no way to communicate with the coach. Research and development began in Summer of 2012. In Spring of 2013, a prototype was ready and on the water testing commenced. In Spring of 2015, the BbTALKIN product line was finalized, FCC approval was issued, and mass production began.

Although the initial idea behind the product line was for water sports, the products have proven to be diverse and supply many different markets with reliable communication. We service a wide range of customers for communication for coaching, security, safety, training, entertainment, surveying, construction, boating, recreation and competition.
BbTALKIN can be used in a variety of marine and snow environments.

We are always working on new innovations.
Please check back frequently for new products.

30 years of experience in the marine industry developing, manufacturing, operating and training. Veteran and Woman owned business. GSA approved.

2015-Present: BbTALKIN USA
USA distributor for BbTALKIN.

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Exhibitor
  • Dealer Programs
  • Retail Sales
  • Product Development


2012-Present: PowerFly Products, Inc.
USA Corporation

  • Aftermarket Part Specialist
  • Product Development
  • Distributor and Dealer of Water Sports Equipment
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Retail Sales

2008-2015: PowerFactor Products, LLC
Owner: Manufacturer of high performance stand up jet ski exhausts and parts
Develop and Resale
• Exhaust systems for high performance freestyle watercraft with associated components;
• Parts and accessories for water flight devices.

Worldwide travel as crew chief for high performance jet ski’s and lead Water Flight Instructor
which entails:
• Water Security and Safety;
• 8-12 hour days on the water training a variety of customer to Flyboard and Hoverboard;
• Mechanically maintain jet ski’s, train and supervise support staff.

Travel to the following locations:
Across the USA, Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai, Jordan, Belize, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Greece, Bahamas, Venezuela, Ukraine & Spain

Crew chief for several IJSBA Freestyle World Champions

2001-2008 Factory Pipe
Ukiah, CA
Research & Development Manager

Directly involved with developing exhaust systems for the following projects: Kawasaki Triple Pipe STXR; Ultra 150 Triple Pipe; Yamaha 701 Type 9; SXR Dry Pipe; and SXR Wet Pipe.

Development team contracted by Polaris to develop the Octane 777 Engine and the Matrix 200 Concept Watercraft.

1995-2001 Polaris
Stuart, FLResearch & Development Specialist
Roseau, MN

Directly involved with the testing and development of personal
watercraft and the Polaris domestic engine.

1988-1995 OMC
Outboard Marine Corporation
Stuart, FL
Test Pilot

• Over 11,000 accumulated hours on the water testing boats and engines
• Outboard Research & Development Technician

Received EMT Certification (Emergency Medical Technician) while employed with OMC

1983-1988 Marine Special Operations – Amphibious
2nd Force Recon

• Open and Closed circuit diving
• Rigid inflatables
• Outboard motors
• Over horizon insertions
• Under water propulsion vehicles
• Submarine lock outs

Decorations and Medals
• Navy Commendation Medal
• Letter of Appreciation x3
• Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal
• Meritorious Mast
• Good Conduct Medal

Professional Athlete Product Endorsements

Shaun Murray

shaun murray coaches wakeboard using bbtalkin products

I’ve coached wakeboarding for over 25 years and have been using Bb Talkin for over 4 now. Simply put, I don’t like coaching without it! I can have 10 times the amount of progression from my students in just 1 session. With open 2 way communication, it allows my students and me to clearly get across exactly what I’m talking about without shouting and wasting valuable water time sitting in the water explaining things. And that doesn’t even completely encompass the benefits of coaching.

Not to mention all the other uses outside of coaching. Riding doubles, triples or more on cable.

The snow application is amazing. I’ve been on the snow longer than the water and nothing has changed the sport of snowboarding for me more than Bb Talkin’, and I’m serious about that. No more gathering every few hundred yards on the mountain to make sure you and your buddies are going the right way. No more guessing what’s on the backside of the drop. “I found a powder stash over here!” Is a way I got myself and my buddies into more powder runs than ever before.

Battery life lasts all day. Use your phone headphones in some applications that don’t require waterproofness. Is that a word?

I know I’m speaking a lot about this, but this is my condensed version of how much I enjoy using Bb Talkin!

I am professional wakeboarder as well as a Wakeboard coach. I use this awesome technology from Bbtalkin almost every day of my life. I can’t imagine not having this awesome tool. It makes such a huge difference when trying to coach someone or getting coached. If you’re the coach your voice will also thank you. It’s such a life safer not having to try and scream over the boat. Coaching has never been easier all thanks to Bbtalkin!

Tony Iacconi

Lewis Crathern

Lewis Crathern coaches kite board with bbtalkin products

Technology has come on a long way since I started Kiteboarding. With my relationships with some of the best Extreme Sports Device brands, I can offer the most incredible interactive experience available.

As an ambassador for Bb Talkin, my coaching sessions come complete with the use of the most popular bluetooth communication device. This 2 Way communication has proved to be an invaluable level of contact with my students which covers a huge range out to sea.

Bbtalkin, waterproof Bluetooth communication device…. BEST COACHING TOOL EVER!!!! Works great for most action sport, where you get to talk directly to your student! I don’t know how I used to coach without it! Love it!

Caroline Villeneuve

Mark Gomez

I have had a lot of friends online and at events ask me what the hell is that antenna sticking out of your helmet!? Mark and Sabrina Baxter at Bbtalkin USA take great care of me to represent and R&D their products for the PWC side. This is great for 2-4 way communication, Bluetooth connection to your music device or phone, and the revolutionary free new BbCam app. The app lets you record and share audio for live coaching like Wakeboard Icon Shaun Murray has demonstrated! If you want to rock out to tunes in the water like me, you can purchase one Advance Unit for $170 + headset of your choice. If you guys have any questions hit up the team at Bbtalkin USA and they will be happy to get you set up! The new Advance unit has boosted range and has been absolutely key in my recent success of customer training for pro freestyle Jetsking, Jetsurf, surf riding and more. Follow me @markgomez137 on instagram to see some of my content where I use my BB talkin to accomplish my goals.