These work great to stay in contact with my ground guys and spotters.  I trust the communications on my BBTalkin units. Flying my drone in Wyoming while inspecting bridges.  Didn't have any issues with my new system.  My crew was blown away by them.  Thanks Guys!
Frederick H. Meek, Inspection Supervisor for Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.

Firstly everyone loves the BbTALKIN products! We’ve used them at our last Marshal training day and at our last Newbie fast track training day.

Did you see the photos from the head marshal crashing through the waves using the headset? He was able to communicate with everyone throughout the whole wave jumping session easily. This was invaluable for training and something we never expected to work so well.

Australian Jet Ski Association
Super impressed that you are following up with shipping my gear to me! I did say I needed it by Friday, yes!! And I did contact Fedex, and they are going to leave it at the depot tonight, and I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning (Friday morning) 😉 Thank you again Sabrina! Your customer service is impeccable!
Blair Gulka, Canada
I was able to use your product in two different scenarios this weekend, snow and water. We had a lot of success. Huge success in managing students and giving live feedback to correct/encourage ski style/task. I have also used Bb with my oldest son operating the boat while I am on the shore guiding him in. He is 10 years old, there was a nasty current and it was really cool to just talk to him instead of yelling directions. I also have had great success with my athletes. Live coaching for instant success.
Doug Pinski, Technical Snow Director for Ski School in Washington State
After receiving the helmet and head sets, I tried it out on a cold day in Lake Michigan. Nothing but rave reviews! You guys have started a communication revolution in the action sports world!! Convenience: It came fully charged and used it in the cold for 2 hours without fail. I then left it on for 24 hours and it's still charged. The communication was clear both on the water and when there were barriers. It will improve my students learning curve. It comes in difference sizes. The pairing is simple. Fun: I could communicate with my photographer while I was on the water to be ready for the perfect shot. I listened to music! I joked with my girlfriend while I was on the water so she wasn't bored sitting in the cold on the beach. Safety: I could communicate with my students if they were to be in danger. I didn't have to yell when I was launching or landing my kite if something wasn't right. You don't need to use hand signals. I can communicate with other kiters while I'm riding to improve the flow of traffic on the water.
Tyler Spence, Stoke Riders, Porter, IN
These are fantastic.   I can not say enough good things about them.   EVERY teaching facility and coach should have these in there teaching resource bag.  We found that it not only gave us the ability to have clear communication ALL OVER THE COURSE, but because of that it shot the learning curve WAY UP.
Jill Nickerson, Red Gear Racing
I am the head coach for Red Gear Racing. We are a premere multihull racing coaching service that works with sailors of all ages...youth and adult all the way thru and including Olympic sailors. We host clinics all over the country with our home base in Clearwater, Florida. We recently started to use the BBTalking headsets in our programs. This is the best teaching tool that we have seen yet! We use it with our Red Gear Racing Coaching group and it has far exceeded our expectations! We originally expected it to clear up the number one problem when you are coaching High Performance FAST multihull sailboats. It is almost impossible to have clear timely communications, especially two way! Not only did this allow us to communicate clearly with a long range but it surprised us and dramatically increased the learning curve of the people we were working with because input was clear and quick. You could literally be in their head during a practice start. This is a tool no team looking to improve or teaching facility on the water can be with out. Thank you BBTalking for making our life and the life of our customer so much more enriched. If you are wondering if this would work for you....I can say YES....feel free to contact me if you have any questions. THIS IS A FABULOUS PRODUCT!  funinthesunweb@gmail.com
Robbie Daniel, Head Coach, Red Gear Racing, Clearwater, FL
I have been putting my headsets to use on my photo shoots and they are working perfectly. My communication with my photoboat drive has never been better.
Bill Dosher, Doster Photography, Marine H20 Studio
I'm very happy to say that the last lesson I had was the best and most comfortable coaching experience I've ever had, thanks to Bbtalkin, for me and the student. Great distance, clear 1 km away, great handling on salty water and also very comfortable.
Humberto Oliva, Kiteology DR