Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before placing your order. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not register or purchase products from BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.).

Card Not Present Transactions:
By shopping on our website, you are making an eCommerce purchase with the card not present to us personally. When clicking “checkout” and accepting our terms and conditions, you are accepting the charges associated with your order in full. If any suspicious fraud flags arise from your order, we may ask for additional information to verify your order and transaction which you must comply with to receive your order. You are required to comply with any additional requested in order for your order to ship.

This Agreement is between you and BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.).

We Take Care Of Your Orders
We do everything we can to make shopping on this site easy and worry-free.

The Ordering Process
When you order online you will be sent an e-mail automatically to confirm that your order has been received at the web site, www.bbtalkinusa.com. We will regularly process orders from the web site. If for any reason we do not accept your order, we will e-mail you. Please give your correct e-mail address, and do not block our replies with a spam filter or you will not receive our e-mails about your order status.

Order Status
The status of your order can be checked at any time by logging into your account.

Shipment of Goods
We aim to post all orders within two days of ordering. Small orders of popular lines which we can supply from stock will be posted quicker than this. International orders, high dollar value orders, or orders for less popular lines, may encounter a delay for up to 7 days. We do not download or process orders on Saturdays or Sundays. If an item is out of stock, we will e-mail you with the details of the delay. If we can only supply part of your order, we will send the part we can supply quickly, and back order the remainder and send it as soon as it is available.

Postage is calculated individually for each order based on the total weight of the goods and the country we are posting to. Value Added Tax (VAT) maybe charged on postage depending on the order area, state or country. We aim to keep postage charges to a minimum and generally work with internationally recognized carrier UPS, FedEx and USPS. Also, we may split large orders into different parcels. Don’t forget faster shipping options may cost more than usual.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on the value of all goods we supply, and is also charged on postage costs according to the tax laws operating in the State of Florida where the sale actually takes place. Certain items can be supplied without us charging VAT or taxes. The goods that can be supplied in this way have a link to this form. All items sent abroad are not charged by any U.S.A. taxes. You will be responsible for all customs duties, taxes and fees associated with your order. BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) is not held accountable or responsible for any customs duties, taxes and fees associated with international orders.

Missing Goods
Please let us know if your goods have not been received as soon as possible.  At this stage, we will ask you to confirm that the address you gave us for delivery is correct, and to check with your local Post Office, FedEx or UPS office to see if they have tried to deliver it, but not left a note. This does happen. Also to check if the goods have been left somewhere unusual for you.

If you received your shipment, but you find items are missing, you are required to notify us within 5 days of receipt of the shipment.  A delay in notice can cause a failure to report and we will not ship any additional products and consider your shipment received and fulfilled in full.

The Post Office, FedEx and UPS recognizes that goods are missing
If not delivered in 3 weeks in the U.S. or 4-5 weeks worldwide, we will take action to investigate the issue and remedy the situation.

Returning Goods
You have 15 days from receipt of your products to request to return any goods received. The good must be returned in good condition in order to receive a full refund. Return requests are to be sent to: sales@bbtalkinusa.com. Phone: 321-914-4948. You must correspond with BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) directly in order to process your return.

Defective or damaged products need to be brought to BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) attention immediately upon receipt. You must notify of us of any defective or damaged products within 5 days of receipt of the products. Defective or damaged product claims are to be sent to: sales@bbtalkinusa.com. Phone: 321-914-4948.

We do not refund the cost of return postage unless we have made a mistake with the order. We can only accept back items that have not been used, and that are returned with the original packaging in reasonable condition, otherwise a refund can not be given.

BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) will not warranty any parts damaged, destroyed or otherwise deemed un-operational if the customer causes the damage. If the customer returns a claimed defective part to BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) and we determine the defect was caused by the customer, BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) will not warranty the product.

This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in this product for twelve (12) months from the date of the original purchase for main and master devices ONLY. All other parts are six (6) months from the date of the original purchase.

This limited warranty does not cover any damage, rusty USB part, deterioration or malfunction resulting in alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, exposure to excess moisture, fire, improper packing and shipping, lighting, power surges or other acts of nature.

This limited warranty does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from the installation or removal of this product from any installation, any unauthorized tampering with this product, any repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by BbTALKIN to make such repairs, or any other cause which does not relate directly to a defect in materials and/or workmanship of this product.

This limited warranty does not cover cartons, equipment enclosures, cables or accessories used in conjunction with this product.

Worldwide Shipping
We ship worldwide, but certain limitations apply. We will notify you about any problems that we find.

Each country has its own customs policies. We try to keep up to date with these, but can not know every policy in every country. We recommend that you check with the Customs Authority in your own country to see that the goods you order will not be blocked by Customs. We describe the goods we are sending you on the Customs Declaration, which we stick on to the package for Customs to see. Where we know of Customs restrictions, we will notify you. Some countries charge an Import Duty on goods going through customs. It is up to you to find out about these policies for your country, and to pay any extra duties imposed. If your order is impounded by customs we are unable to offer a refund and the cost of the order will be borne by you in full.

We may choose to not ship into certain countries due to security or customs problems, and we have right to remove these countries from the list of countries in our Shopping Cart, so that if the country is not in this list we will not be able to send orders there.

Prices are displayed in US Dollars and the transaction will be performed in US Dollars in the final page of the shopping cart.

Shopping Policy
We try to keep all prices up to date, but if we have made a mistake and find the price of the goods are significantly different than the price on the shopping cart, then we will e-mail you and ask if you wish to continue with the order at the new price. Your order is only accepted once we agree that the prices are correct.

Products furnished shall not be duplicated by Customer/Recipient.
The Customer/Recipient agrees that the products furnished by BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) shall not be utilized to make, offer, put onto market, imported, exported or used for experimental or teaching purposes by itself, it’s associates or any third party. If there is a breach to this term, BbTALKIN, USA (distributed by PowerFly Products, Inc.) will seek legal ramifications.

These Terms & Conditions shall be construed and enforced according to the laws of the State of Florida and any dispute under this Agreement must be brought in this venue and no other. In the event of an infringement outside the United States of America, any party responsible for the infringement shall be held accountable under the laws of the United States of America, in the State of Florida, as this is the origin of the Agreement.