Shaun Murray

Shaun Murray

Shaun Murray is an American four-time World champion wakeboarder. He is an iconic legend in the wakeboard industry not only for his talent but passion for the sport. Shaun is a part of the BbTALKIN team and has been coaching with our products and an advocate for it’s benefits since 2016.

Shaun’s wakeboarding career started in 1995 and has been full of innovation and accomplishment, including many Pro tour and World championship titles.

Shaun has been featured in many wakeboard movies, magazine and television pieces, including the creation of his own wakeboard instructional series entitled “Detention.” He is also the star of the video game, Wakeboarding Unleashed.

Shaun has helped develop signature products that include boats, wakeboards, life jackets, wet suits, and clothing lines.  Shaun developed the project, Pass the Handle, with Zane Schwenk in 2014.  Pass the Handle is an awareness driven concept to extend a passionate arm to people in need of an awesome activity, that gets them out on the water.  Pass the Handle has grown Worldwide and helps “share the stoke,” teaching many of those to ride who would have never had the opportunity without this project.

Shaun has had dozens of wakeboard titles in his career which has spanned from 1998 to the present. He was the first wakeboarder ever to land a 900 (regular hs). He is the only rider ever to hold World, Pro Tour and National champion titles at once, and was given a “Legend” award from Wakeboard magazine in 2005.

Shaun travels the World as an ambassador for the sport, also offering private lesson.