Intercall talk time: 6-8 hours

Charge time: 3 hours

Weight: 162 grams

Weatherproof: IPX 5


Cable: Micro USB
AC Adapter less than 5V.  *Do not use higher than 5V or this will damage the IC unit and void warranty.
Please make sure the device is completely dry before charging.

Battery and Charge

When you turn on your BbSpeaker, a color light will come on indicating your battery life.  See below.

Blue Light:  Full Charge (75-100%)

Purple Light: Mid Charge (50-75%)

Red Light: Low Charge (Less than 50%)

When charging, a red light will be displayed until full charge is reached.  Once full charge is achieved, the light will turn blue.

A. How to Mute

Press and hold (+) and (-) for 2 seconds until blue light flashes.  (Slow flashing turns to fast flashing.)

Press and hold (+) and (-) for 2 seconds again to cancel mute.

B. How to Pair to an Advance Unit

  1. Turn on all devices.
  2. Press and hold BbSpeaker’s CH2 button until LED flashed Red.
  3. Press and hold Advance Unit’s CH1 button until LED flashed Red.
  4. Press BbSpeaker’s CH2 button once.

Pairing Options:

BbSpeaker + Advance Unit

BbSpeaker + Advance Unit + Advance Unit

BbSpeaker + Advance Unit + BbSpeaker

C. How to Pair 2 BbSpeakers

  1. Turn on all devices
  2. Press and hold BbSpeaker #1’s CH2 button until LED flashed Red.
  3. Press and hold BbSpeaker #2’s CH1 button until LED flashed Red.
  4. Press BbSpeaker #2’s CH1 button once
  • You can connect up to 3 BbSpeakers together.

D. How to Pair with your Phone

When the power is off on your BbSpeaker, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until you see the LED flash red and blue.

Make sure your smart phone Bluetooth is on.

Open your smart phone Bluetooth and select BbSpeaker. (bsptt-xxxxxxxx)

E. How to Connect to Zello

When you use your BbSpeaker and Zello together, you can have an unlimited number of users talking to one another through the Zello App.

Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Download the Zello App onto your smart phone.               

Make sure your smart phone and BbSpeaker are paired.

Once you have successfully paired your BbSpeaker to your phone, go to the Zello App on your phone.

In the Zello App, go to your settings options.

Select the Push to Talk Button, then select the Wireless Zello button.

Make the Wireless Zello button ON.

You will see your BbSpeaker number under discovered devices.

Once this is set up, you can talk with anyone you have set up on Zello using your BbSpeaker.

F. How to Reset

While off, press and hold the Power button, CH1 button and CH 2 button at the same time on your BbSpeaker for 3 seconds.