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“Got my BbTALKIN USA set up on my new Fly Racing USA helmet! The bb talkin is awesome and you can hear each other perfectly while riding!”

Gabe Jukish, Deerwood, MN

Foilboard coaching on Kite Beach while always in crystal clear communication with my BbTALKIN headsets.

With these amazing Bluetooth devices all instructions happen in real time over 2-way communication so as a student your improvement skyrockets compared to any other teaching method.

Come learn to foil with us and you’ll be gliding on waves like never before. Safer and faster learning guaranteed.

Uncharted Kite Sessions, Kite Beach Cabarete Dominican Republic

A device I’ll not longer go out without!!!

As a former professional skydiving instructor, certified snowboarding instructor and full time kitesurfer aficionado. I’m was totally thrilled when I received from my partner a set of BB TALKIN USA waterproof communication devices as a birthday gift.

She and I spend several hours out to sea kitesurfing in all types of wind and ocean conditions. Being able to have two ways Bbtalkin communications has been crucial for our safety as well as very important for fast decision making and has absolutely increased our enjoyment of our sport. As an example, on today’s session, she was able to let me know that a shark was about 40 feet ahead of her and she needed to tack away from it right away, I then can get out of her way and be aware of where danger exists. The important point here is the contrast: without these units, we would have zero communication out in the Ocean…

What’s more fascinating to me is that I can just remove the units from our hats and install them on my daughter’s snowboarding helmet. Being able to talk to her on the snowy mountains (without needing to shout), again in all types of conditions, has increased my priority #1 which is her safety. Her learning curve shoot up the moment we used these units, and since they are two ways communication, she’s able to ask me any question, update me about her energy-fatigue level and even just conversed on the fun we are having.

And now that she’s entering intermediate level, we can enjoy music played from my phone via these units. So the units are fantastic and the customer service is just as reliable as the products. I’ve called them once from the chair lift on the snowy mountains on new years eve for troubleshooting and very kindly they helped me reconnect the units.

And, even during these World crisis (covid19) they respond quickly whether I reach out to them via email, phone or on their website.

I hope you too get to enjoy these awesome products as we do here in Hawaii, or in Whistler. Thank you BB TALKIN USA 🇺🇸 💓

Arturo Arroyo, Kailua, HI 

“The Bbtalkin commutation systems are a real game changer. They help my hydroflight business operate smoother and more efficient. Students are learning faster in a much safer environment. Our instructors no longer have to yell and scream to communicate with the student. The Bbtalkin customer service team was also quick to respond to one of my questions and truly cared about getting the problem solved.”

Fly High Watersports, Haskell, NJ

“I LOVE BB Talkin. I love how my coach can talk to me without yelling while I am wakeboarding behind the boat. It allows him to encourage me and teach me how to do new tricks. It is awesome for Cable and snowboarding as well. I have even used it when I skateboard with my dad.”

Rexton Abbott, Moorsesville, NC

“I’ve been teaching Kitesurfing for almost 20 years now. I used to have to shout and would often come home with a headache. I teach off a boat and I can tell you one thing the range is very good, not only can They hear my instruction crystal clear but they can also talk back to me and ask me questions. The first Time I use them, the results were immediate. The students comfort level went sky high as well for me, also I think it’s much safer be able talk on demand with extreme sport like this. Even when it’s windy, it’s almost like you’re in an IMAX theater, now I don’t know how I did it for all these years without it. Bb Talkin, is a great product thanks guys.”

Ty Luckett, Kite-Hatteras, NC

“We’ve had a decent amount of time to evaluate your systems and their applicability within the swift water rescue community. The systems are great, providing us with the ability to effectively communicate while on the scene of water rescue incident.  They have proven to be incredibly valuable and we definitely see them providing a lot of benefit to swift water incidents.

We have had the opportunity to put the units through multiple scenarios. We have done distance testing on station grounds, tested the effort and time needed to teach someone how to use the systems, and even taken them out to our local river to test them amongst different terrain and environments. The results were impressive and they add great value to our water rescue service.

We love the systems!”

Jonathan Harold, Baltimore County’s Swiftwater Rescue Team 35 (SRT 35)

“Bb Talkin’ products have taken the quality of my wakeboarding school instruction to a whole new level. My students are learning twice as much and twice as fast. I could not imagine going back to coaching without my Bb Talkin’ intercom system.”

Kirby Liesmann, Kirby’s School of Wake, Florida and Missouri

“Huge thank you to Powerfly Products (BbTALKIN USA) for supporting our troops and the Wounded Warrior foundation for the First ever Wounded Warrior Freedom Flyer Event! We have so many heros showing up this week and look forward to an epic day of them enjoying the sport of Hydroflight! Thanks to Powerfly Products we have some tools we were missing!!”

SoCal HydroSports, Lake Elsinore, CA

“I am the head coach for Red Gear Racing. We are a premere multihull racing coaching service that works with sailors of all ages…youth and adult all the way thru and including Olympic sailors. We host clinics all over the country with our home base in Clearwater, Florida. We recently started to use the BBTalking headsets in our programs. This is the best teaching tool that we have seen yet! We use it with our Red Gear Racing Coaching group and it has far exceeded our expectations! We originally expected it to clear up the number one problem when you are coaching High Performance FAST multihull sailboats. It is almost impossible to have clear timely communications, especially two way! Not only did this allow us to communicate clearly with a long range but it surprised us and dramatically increased the learning curve of the people we were working with because input was clear and quick. You could literally be in their head during a practice start. This is a tool no team looking to improve or teaching facility on the water can be with out. Thank you BBTalking for making our life and the life of our customer so much more enriched. If you are wondering if this would work for you….I can say YES….feel free to contact me if you have any questions. THIS IS A FABULOUS PRODUCT!”

Robbie Daniel, Head Coach, Red Gear Racing, Clearwater, FL

“BB Talkin has revolutionized my ability to provide quality and effective training in my field. As a privateer athlete and contractor for show performances and or trainings, I like to be and work as professional as possible. With BB Talkin at my fingertips, I am able to set myself above the rest by expediting my training being able to make on the spot communication to make effective changes when needed. Not only that, I am able to get into my best mental state before and during freeride competitions since I am able to stream my playlist from my phone on shore to my helmet while I am competing in the waves. I have recently been hired to coach in Puerto Rico, and in the Netherlands, both scenarios the BB talkin units have been a vital part of the training process in which all of my clients exceeded their goals. I look forward to seeing further developments by BB talkin, including the Moto Helmet application that I have been testing with them on!”

Mark Gomez: Coach, stuntman and ambassador for the freeride jet ski industry, Lake Havasu, AZ

“I was able to use your product in two different scenarios this weekend, snow and water. We had a lot of success.

Huge success in managing students and giving live feedback to correct/encourage ski style/task.

I have also used Bb with my oldest son operating the boat while I am on the shore guiding him in. He is 10 years old, there was a nasty current and it was really cool to just talk to him instead of yelling directions.

I also have had great success with my athletes. Live coaching for instant success.”

Doug Pinski, Technical Snow Director for Ski School in Washington State

“After receiving the helmet and head sets, I tried it out on a cold day in Lake Michigan. Nothing but rave reviews! You guys have started a communication revolution in the action sports world!!

Convenience: It came fully charged and used it in the cold for 2 hours without fail. I then left it on for 24 hours and it’s still charged. The communication was clear both on the water and when there were barriers. It will improve my students learning curve. It comes in difference sizes. The pairing is simple.

“Fun: I could communicate with my photographer while I was on the water to be ready for the perfect shot. I listened to music! I joked with my girlfriend while I was on the water so she wasn’t bored sitting in the cold on the beach.

Safety: I could communicate with my students if they were to be in danger. I didn’t have to yell when I was launching or landing my kite if something wasn’t right. You don’t need to use hand signals. I can communicate with other kiters while I’m riding to improve the flow of traffic on the water.”

Tyler Spence, Stoke Riders, Porter, IN

This past Tuesday, the Maryland area received a tremendous amount of rain over a sustained period with the arrival of Hurricane Isaias; upwards of 6″ in some parts of the state. Baltimore County’s Swiftwater Team 35 (SRT 35) was alerted for multiple swiftwater rescues on the east side of the county. Rescue technicians from SRT 35 used the BbTalkin Advanced units during the rescue of an individual trapped in a vehicle within rising flood waters. As the two-man team conducted a shallow water crossing to the vehicle, with one technician equipped with the BbTalkin system, they were able to remain in constant communication with the incident commander on dry land who also had a BbTalkin system.

Once the technicians made contact with the subject in the vehicle, they were able to quickly relay critical information back to the incident commander such as the number of occupants in the vehicle, present injuries, and any other pertinent information. This type of information is critical for timely preparation of movements on dry land such as EMS support or additional equipment needed. Additionally, with a constant hands-free communication line, the incident commander would have been able to quickly inform the rescue technicians of any hazards the technicians may have not seen such as approaching vehicles or deteriorating conditions.

We want to thank you and your team again. This rescue was undoubtedly more efficient and we were all very excited to get to use the systems in a real-life rescue.

Baltimore County’s Swiftwater Team 35 (SRT 35)

“These are fantastic.   I can not say enough good things about them.   EVERY teaching facility and coach should have these in there teaching resource bag.  We found that it not only gave us the ability to have clear communication ALL OVER THE COURSE, but because of that it shot the learning curve WAY UP.”

Jill Nickerson, Red Gear Racing

“Bbtalkin radio headsets make the world of difference when it comes to communication between our students and instructors. Immediate feed back and answers to questions along with quick coaching and instruction helps students adapt, adjust and learn quick. All our instructors use headsets when were on the beach and in the water. Come by, say hello and check them out.”

Freeride Kiting, Baja Mexico

“I have been putting my headsets to use on my photo shoots and they are working perfectly. My communication with my photoboat drive has never been better.”

Bill Dosher, Doster Photography, Marine H20 Studio

“I’m very happy to say that the last lesson I had was the best and most comfortable coaching experience I’ve ever had, thanks to Bbtalkin, for me and the student. Great distance, clear 1 km away, great handling on salty water and also very comfortable.”

Humberto Oliva, Kiteology DR

“These work great to stay in contact with my ground guys and spotters.  I trust the communications on my BBTalkin units. Flying my drone in Wyoming while inspecting bridges.  Didn’t have any issues with my new system.  My crew was blown away by them.  Thanks Guys!”

Frederick H. Meek, Inspection Supervisor for Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.

“Firstly everyone loves the BbTALKIN products! We’ve used them at our last Marshal training day and at our last Newbie fast track training day.

Did you see the photos from the head marshal crashing through the waves using the headset? He was able to communicate with everyone throughout the whole wave jumping session easily. This was invaluable for training and something we never expected to work so well.”

Australian Jet Ski Association

“Super impressed that you are following up with shipping my gear to me! I did say I needed it by Friday, yes!! And I did contact Fedex, and they are going to leave it at the depot tonight, and I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning (Friday morning) 😉 Thank you again Sabrina! Your customer service is impeccable!”

Blair Gulka, Canada

“Literally the most kind and exceptional people working there. They are extremely knowledgeable and exceed your needs. The product is life changing – I don’t know how I would live without it now. I stand behind this product, brand, and family atmosphere. Finally, a product that beyond works!

Krysten Marlette, SeaDoo Test Facility

@bbtalkinusa by far one of the best Bluetooth communication headsets I’ve ever used. Huge thanks to Mark and Sabrina from @powerflyproducts for always putting quality products on the market. Nothing but the best. Go check them out for awesome water sports gear and accessories.” 

Sean Ray, The HydroFlight Show, Murrieta, CA