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  1. Build Your Own Communication Package Duplicate

  2. Advance Unit Duplicate

  3. Telesin Pole

    Add the Telesin Pole to your BbTALKIN set up to extend your range when coaching from shore.   You will need to purchase an extension cable…

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  4. Telesin Pole

  5. Compatible Accessories

    BbTALKIN products are compatible with other brand products.  Reference the helpful list below.

  6. Pro Shot Case

    The new Pro Shot Case converts your IPhone into a GoPro.  The case turns your IPhone into a waterproof camera.  This is a perfect option…

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  7. Pro Shot Case

  8. Riders

    BbTALKIN’ SPONSORED RIDERS Shaun Murray – Wakeboard   Lewis Crathern – Kiteboard   Ruben Lenten – Kiteboard   Mark Gomez – Freestyle Jet Ski  …

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  9. Advance Unit

    The Advance Unit has built in long range Bluetooth for real time communication.  The Advance Unit’s key features are Intercall, Handsfree and Music Play.  When…

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  10. Advance Unit