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Record audio from the Advance Unit while taking video with your smart phone.

BbTALKIN' USABbTALKIN USA has a variety of wireless Bluetooth communication products. Our systems are completely waterproof and hands-free. New for 2018, we have brought to the market our Advance Unit. Unique features include connecting the Advance Unit via Bluetooth into a Garmin action camera or smart phone to capture direct audio from the student and coach. Another new feature is remote coaching, where a student can be coached by anyone in the world, live. Our waterproof technology takes recording and coaching to a whole new level.

We provide a durable hands-free way to talk to one another. Our products can endure extreme conditions. We eliminate the need to yell or shout while corresponding with one another. Communication distance is up to 1 mile (1600m), line of sight. You can connect up to four people for open real-time talk. Our products are wind proof and noise canceling.

Our products are not limited to just water sports. Multiple industries are using BbTALKIN to communicate from construction companies, rescue to survey teams. Recreational groups also benefit from our technology by clearly being able to talk with one another, elevating their fun, raising the safety and awareness of the group.

Our technology has changed the game for both athletes and coaches. It enhances the learning curve two-fold in both water and winter sports. Our real time coaching products allow the coach to instantly train and provide feedback to the student. The student can immediately implement the coach’s advice.

With our Advance Unit, the athlete can receive instruction from their coach wherever they are at in the world. All you need is an Advance Unit plus a good Wireless signal. If you are a professional athlete or a beginner, the benefits of this communication system is exceptional.

Check out the video below to see these amazing one of a kind features in action.